Shri. Gautamkumar Vadilal Gandhi Gurukul Pvt. Industrial Training Institute

Shri. Gautamkumar Vadilal Gandhi Gurukul Pvt. Industrial Training Institute


(Affilated to NCVT under D.G.E.T. No.6(11)/85/TC Dated-18/12/1985)

kurneShri Gautamkumar Vadilal Gandhi Gurukul Pvt. Industrial Training Institute is in stride with the changing needs of society, as change is the most powerful force in current world. A pioneer institute in the field of Technical education since 1977.To regulate the power of mind, it has to be harnessed and focused to the task. In attaining aims and realizing the goals- set a clear mental picture of the pursuit, create a little pressure behind it, frame a deadline and  be committed towards the goal. Hitting the target for fulfilling the purpose of life is the victory. Victory befalls on truthful, hardworking individuals as truth is mightier than time and always the strongest argument even though    time spent cannot be retrieved. Those who express their lack of Knowledge and seek instruction, find the path to enlightenment before anyone else. Enlightenment comes through consistent cultivation of mind, body and soul. The secret of happiness is in finding out what is truly to be done and directing all the power and energy towards the purpose. Building strength of character, developing mental toughness and living with courage are the three attributes for achievement, satisfaction and peace. Success is a journey and not a destination. Six essential qualities of success are sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom and clarity. Restrict haste and work systematically as well continuously which is the secret behind success. Implementation of new projects and profound technical knowledge to provide both value based education as well as work/ job oriented training- for boys and girls succeed in achieving these objectives. “ Remember nothing is achieved without hard work. Be bold but be not bowled over. Let truth and Duty be your watch words. Never despair in the face of setbacks. Keep courage and continue to work with fortitude. Have faith in yourselves and in the Almighty. Strive for your goals and the future is yours”.

Shri. N.C.Kurne

 (Head Master)