Pradipkumar Vadilal Gurukul Gujarati Shala

Pradipkumar Vadilal Gurukul Gujarati Shala

The Gurukul Educational Institutions run by Mumbai Pradesh Arya Vidya Sabha is the oldest establishment in Ghatkopar. It is a matter of immense pride for us, knowing that our Institution has reached the pinnacle of glory and completed its 100th year and running.vasanti panchal

One of the many schools managed and run by Gurukul Educational Institutions is the Pradipkumar Vadilal Gurukul Gujarati Shala which is also popularly known as ‘Nani Gurukul’. I was appointed as assistant teacher in this school in 1989.

Along with teaching academic subjects, I also had an opportunity to guide the students and help them develop a well-founded character with strong morals and social values. 12 years later I was given the opportunity to serve as Headmistress in this school.

Thus, began a new chapter in my life, I was filled with ambitions and enthusiasm coupled with a strong will to fulfill all my duties to the best of my ability. I asked God to give me strength to overcome all hardships and hurdles and come through with my responsibilities.

Today, while expressing my deepest gratitude to God, I would like to say that after becoming a part of Gurukul , it was an effortless experience becoming familiar with the new environment, almost like getting to know a new family. Our senior officers always stand by us during all our endeavors for the progress and growth of our school. With their invaluable guidance and support every program or event, be it minor meeting or a major function, all are conducted with utmost efficiency.

Just as one experiences leisurely joy under the cool shade of a majestic tree, becoming a part of Gurukul, I have experienced equal joy and satisfaction throughout my entire journey.

— Vasanti S. Panchal