Rushikul Gurukul English Medium School

Rushikul Gurukul English Medium School

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year at RGEMS!  Our desire is to help each student become a life-long learner who through the course of school willrgems princi learn the academic, social and various other skills which allows them to grow into a happy individual who can take the world with courage and confidence.  We have always focused on being “child centered.”  As part of this mission, you might have noticed many changes in the last session.  These changes began with the change in approach towards learning, various co-curricular activities every Saturday, Science, Maths and Nature clubs formation etc.

I am proud of all RGEMS students.  I would like to extend my congratulations to all the students who had a successful and opportunity-filled year at RGEMS in the academic year 2014 -2015.  Because of their efforts and hard work in academics, sports, extra and co-curricular activities and community outreach, they have made RGEMS family feel proud of them. 

As the new session begins, I am very excited and I look forward to the challenges and joys that lay ahead of us.  I will work to support the excellent work the students, staff and teachers complete every day.  In the progression of change this year also you will find our main focus on reading and writing instruction during all languages, Social Studies, Science, and technology. In mathematics, standards will be added to demonstrate a stronger emphasis on number sense and algebraic thinking. We have also included whole lot of new co-curricular activities for the over-all development of the child, where every child will be an achiever.  

Please expect to see even more critical thinking occurring in classrooms.  Students should be working in groups more often, collaborating with one another in order to solve problem.  Teachers should be asking their students more analytical, synthesis and evaluative types of questions.  The staff at RGEMS will always remain persistent when it comes to providing a safe, healthy and well-maintained school. The staff recognizes the right and privilege of an education. All RGEMS students are held to high behavioral standards. It is the expectation that students will follow school rules and that parent’s will support those rules in order to ensure a safe, happy and healthy learning environment.

Parent involvement is equally as important. Strengthening ties with parent and community, in order to support the students and staff is vital to student success. Staff and parents need to make regular contact regarding their child progress.

I know while working together with the students, staff and parents we will experience a journey that brings much joy and success this academic year. Through the efforts and diligence of everyone – the students, staff and parents – our work is sure to yield positive results for all RGEMS students.