Shri D.J.Doshi Gurukul Jr.College of Commerce

Shri D.J.Doshi Gurukul Jr.College of Commerce

                 What sculptor is to a block of stone, education is to the human soul

Education is the power to think clearly , the power to act well in the world’s work and the power to appreciate life.” Brigham young

Head Mistress’s Message:principal_kamna arora

A completion of a century is by no means a mere achievement. For us at gurukul … it’s goes much beyond time and age. It signifies the growth anf changes that has spanned the’s transition from the glorious culture of the past to the fast and mechanical present ….

Gurukul has seen a consistent and steady progress all through these decades. As we celebrate centemary year i can say that we have been successful in reaching a milestone in imparting a perfect blend of quality and value based education fitting and contemporary needs of a global world.

The institution has pioneered an array of changes with the onset of computer age. Modern technology brought in its wake a paradigm shift in the entire working system.

Education embraces not only facts but also values- it inculcates such good practices which may help reveal our qualities and perfections in every sphere of life. It has been our endeavour to teach our students to challenge all odds in the world, be good human beings,inculcate values , to empathise with the lesser privileged, be sensitive to the needs of the environment and moreever to tune ourselves with the society.

Our students here have a perfect and fulfilling environment for a blissful all round development.

Head mistress

Mrs. Kamna arora