Smt.L.D.Doshi Eng.Med.Primary School

Smt.L.D.Doshi Eng.Med.Primary School


Principal’s Message:

     “ What we  will do here and now , will make a big difference to the future “

                                                                                        -S. Radha Krishnan

 We at Smt L.D. Doshi Gurukul English Medium Primary School  believe that a child is  like a bud and needs to be nurtured  so that he/she blossoms to the fullest and we have a garden of beautiful flowers.ldprincipal

We believe every child is gifted in a particular way and that makes us focus on helping each child discover his/her potentials. The development of intelligent minds in a healthy body is our sole motto.  We recognize multiple intelligences like: verbal-linguistic, math logic, spatial, bodily kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, and naturalist. Learning in our school is child-centered and growth-centered. We provide every opportunity for holistic development of the child. The highly Innovative and experimental teaching methods adopted by our faculty makes learning process extremely enjoyable an enlightening for our students. We strongly believe that every child is special in his own way. It is our Endeavour and prayer that we send out students out into this world as strong young men to face the world but also as fine young gentlemen who are beautiful human beings. Hence all that we do in our school is centred on the “ Child “. He is the important character in the school on the nucleus with all adults revolving around him . Some children open the gift packets quickly while some others do it little later. Our role at school is to help each child open the gift packet given to him by the lord , as early as possible , with divine care of the Guru i.e. the teachers and we need the help of parents for doing so .

Can you , as parents help us in giving this “ Divine Touch ? “

Our teaching faculty and staff develop positive, caring and supportive relationships with the students, encouraging an extended family-like atmosphere at the school.